November 8, 2013

Life Is Busy!

Working hard at begging!

I haven't been blogging much. Not because I haven't *wanted* to, I've just been super busy. I'm currently studying for the CPA exam and this has been sucking up most of my free time. My poor pups would love to get back to hunting, but my weekends are now filled with watching videos and taking online practice exams.

Can we pleeeeeaaaase go for a hike?

The poor pups stand by the front door and cry on the weekends.We've been limited to long, neighborhood walks recently and they would love to get off leash and RUN! I hate dog parks, otherwise I would try another one. The one right by us has border collies that like to attack people.

Mom, you're so boring when you study!

I'm lucky Riley is such a good study buddy! We may squeeze a hike in this weekend if I can figure something out. *fingers crossed* The Vizsla group on facebook has been keeping me entertained lately. This past week we had several days dedicated to different Vizsla pictures. "Nose Day", "Paws Day", "Wiggle Butt Day", and today was "Funny Face" day. I love that group! They are so wonderful and it's fun to see all the different Vizslas from across the globe. If you haven't joined, you should!