July 29, 2012

Sunol Regional Wilderness and Rattlesnake Aversion Training

Today was an excellent day! Riley went through rattlesnake aversion training and we went on my favorite hike to-date. A big thank you to Redbirddog - he got us in the rattlesnake aversion course last minute. I'm very glad we went through with it because Riley's immediate reaction to the baby rattlesnake was to mouth all over it and try to play with it! My supposedly "soft" little Vizsla girl had to get her e-collar turned up to level 7 before she would leave the snake alone. Here's a video I took of the process:

The first part of the class is exposure to the baby rattlesnake. 2nd is the shed rattlesnake skin. 3rd is the adult rattler inside a fake rock so they learn to avoid the sound. The last exposure is an adult rattlesnake on the grass. This step is a test to see if they are adequately fearful of the rattlesnake. She did really well and ended the training with a bounce in her step and a wagging tail. Thank you Natural Solutions K-9 Rattlesnake Aversion Training!

Next we went to the gorgeous Sonal Regional Wilderness Park. I have honestly never been to a park this beautiful or this perfect for Vizslas. It's officially my favorite park! $5 for parking and $2 per dog is definitely worth it! There are beautiful places to swim, shaded trails, rocks to climb, a cave, grassy fields, and so much more. If you're looking for the perfect spot for your next Vizlsa hike, this is it! The park opens at 8AM, which is the perfect time to go if you're looking to avoid the crowds. Also, the higher you climb, the less people you will run into (introvert alert!).

The view from the top of the ridge - gorgeous!

Chloe, Riley, & Bailey chillin' at "Little Yosemite"

Riley & Chloe - "We've had enough!"

Posing on top of a large boulder

Coaxing Riley onto the boulder!

Redbirddog and Bailey

View from inside a cave

Riley exploring the creek

Chloe, Bailey, & Riley tripping over a rock

Riley is such a poser ;)

Chloe, Bailey, and Riley get a drink from the creek

Riley - wilderness explorer!

My absolute favorite spot was this little pond formed by a small dam of rocks and fallen trees. The dogs had an absolute blast swimming in the fresh, clear water. Riley is getting really good at swimming! She's finally learned not to flail around with her front legs and keep them under the water for maximum efficiency. Here is a short video of her swimming around with her buddy Chloe:

July 25, 2012

Vizslas and Horse Troughs

Riley just recently discovered the magical world of horse troughs. I think she was so short for so long that she couldn't see what was inside these large stone creations. About a week ago I encouraged her to put her paws up on the side of a trough and once she figured out what it was she drank plenty of water and then completely jumped in to cool herself! Every hike since then she's had a nice drink and swim in the horse trough right before we head home. It's a fun reward - she seems to really enjoy it!

Taking a nice, long drink of water

Action shot! Jumping into the trough to cool off

*sigh* That's MUCH better!

July 23, 2012

Half Moon Bay Vizsla Walk

Yesterday, we drove to Half Moon Bay for Riley's first Vizsla walk there since she was only about 12 weeks old (she's been on the trail there several times since then, just not with the Vizsla group). We were excited to discover that her sister Penny would be there as well. The pups had a blast swimming after sticks, playing keep-away with said sticks, and wrestling (WWF style) all over the beach. There was even some hunting action at one point when the dogs discovered birds out in the bushes and trees on the walk back. We ended the day with a delicious, albeit expensive, lunch at the Flying Fish. Riley was so exhausted that she fell fast asleep with an eye full of sand. I ended up rinsing her eyes with saline and giving her a bath when we got home. The bay water might be nice and calm, but it sure does stink!

Baby Riley on her first HMB Vizsla walk!

Dad with Riley by the ocean

Riley's super-awkward-pose-of-the-day

As a side note, I noticed this picture on my facebook feed today as part of a compilation of adoption event pictures for the Milo Foundation. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate this kind of stupidity, so they have been "unliked". Do they really think that this will deter any irresponsible idiots who breed their dogs just to make some money on Craigslist/eBay or create puppies for fighting?

Thank YOU, Milo Foundation, for all the dirty looks I get when I say I may breed Riley someday and for helping to further the hatred toward responsible hobby breeders.

July 21, 2012

An Expensive Lesson

Riley is currently at the vet waiting to be sedated for a probe up the nose. We went on a hike this morning at Santa Teresa and she started sneezing when we got back to the car... and continued sneezing for the entire 30 minute ride home. $300 later and I'm wishing I had ordered OutFox Field Gear sooner. It's an expensive lesson to learn. :(

***Update: There was no foxtail or anything in her nose, but the vet did say it is very red and irritated. She is being sent home with antihistamines. Thank goodness it wasn't a foxtail!***

July 20, 2012

6,000 Blog Views

I noticed that earlier this week my blog passed the 6k view mark! When I started this blog, I never realized that so many people would read it. Thank you so much for taking time to look through all my posts. We have learned so many things in the past 8.5 months of Vizsla ownership and I hope I can pass a little bit of that knowledge on to my readers.

I'm also pleased to announce that Riley's limp has almost completely disappeared after several weeks of off-leash excursions at Santa Teresa. Hunting training is on-hold temporarily until her leg is completely rehabilitated. :)

Riley girl - smiling for the camera on her way to go hiking!

July 19, 2012

WARNING - hobby breeders beware!

From the Vizsla Walk group on Yahoo:

"Warning from my legislative list -

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is now offering a $5,000 reward/bounty for tips resulting in the arrest and conviction of dog breeders. They have a 1-800 number on their website for anyone to call in a tip.

Apparently people have started posing as puppy buyers

IF someone shows up without and appointment - do not let them on your property for any reason. If they are posing as a puppy buyer ask to see their driver's license and write down the name found on the license. Ask how they got the information that you have puppies for sale. If they do not have a prior appointment with you to  see puppies, ask them to leave immediately.

If you have a camera or a cell phone that takes pictures take her (or his) picture and a picture of the vehicle they are driving, if at all

REMINDER -   Wayne Pacelle CEO of HSUS is on record saying ALL PUPPY MILLS claim to be HOBBY breeders and all factory farms claim to be family farms...."

Link to article:


Link to actual $5k reward on HSUS website:


Please forward this to any responsible breeders you know. I'd hate to see any good hobby breeders put out of business by this scum.

July 15, 2012

Vista Del Lago

We found a GREAT stop along I-5 with a small beach where Riley could play in the lake. The lady working at the entry booth told us if you park down to the right you can hike back up the road and over to the left where there is a little sheltered cove. Dogs are supposed to be on-leash, but she said it was a good area for the pup to swim, which = off-leash! Riley romped around for a good 30 minutes fetching sticks out of the water and stalking birds. It was a great spot - highly recommended for anyone traveling up or down I-5!

July 14, 2012

Mini Reunion

Today Riley met up with her brother Copper, sister Lucy, & nephews Turk & Miles. They played for hours and all had a blast together. The humans had a picnic with some delicious sandwiches and desserts! (Thank you Carla & Dianne!) We will definitely have to make this trip again. :)

Riley, her brother copper, and nephew Turk
Our brief attempt at a family photo - yes, her mouth is around my hand!
Riley and brother Copper
Riley and sister Lucy - they look so much alike!
Me & my baby girl <3
All tuckered out after the play date
Front to back - Riley, nephew Miles, sister Lucy and nephew Turk
Lucy and Riley (who decided to sit like a weirdo for some reason)
Riley watching nephew Miles check out the visitor
The 3 siblings: Copper, Lucy, and Riley! :)

July 13, 2012

Palm Springs

8 hrs later and we finally made it to the hotel! Riley was a sweetheart the entire trip and slept in the back seat most of the drive. Tomorrow we will drive to San Diego for a hike with some Vizsla siblings and nephews... super excited!