July 12, 2012

"I Read They Were Good With Kids..."

Dear Readers,

Please, PLEASE, I beg of you - do your research both on this breed and on the breeder before you decide on a Vizsla pup.

We had yet another sad story posted on the Vizsla forum. This time it was about a mom of 2 young children who just purchased an aggressive/dominant pup from a disreputable breeder. She contacted the breeder about returning him and this was the response she received:

"Last night I rang the breeder to ask her advice and wether she had seen any of this behaviour before from him. I actually came off the phone in floods of tears. She says he was fine and not the alpha male at all and was quite quiet which we saw when we picked him up. She then went on to say basically it was my fault. She sed you have two choices either put up with him or sell him. She has no care as to where he ends up which upset me alot but then she also said I hope you have 'leathered' him for what he is doing. It's horrific. I would dream of leathering any dog particularly not this sensitive breed. My original thought of a week was so if we did pass him bk onto the breeder it wouldn't be too late for her to sell him on.I.e at the leggy not as cute phase. Anyway that is no option coz I wouldn't give him bk to her if someone paid me too."

 What kind of a sick person recommends whipping a baby pup with leather??? Just the thought is enough to make me nauseous. Please do your research unless you want to find yourself in a similar situation.

This is a great article to read if you have children and are considering a Vizsla - "I Read They Were Good With Kids"... 

My hope is that this will prevent at least 1 Vizsla from going to the wrong home. If I can do that much I will be content.

Great breeder + correct temperament match = good with kids!

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