July 14, 2012

Mini Reunion

Today Riley met up with her brother Copper, sister Lucy, & nephews Turk & Miles. They played for hours and all had a blast together. The humans had a picnic with some delicious sandwiches and desserts! (Thank you Carla & Dianne!) We will definitely have to make this trip again. :)

Riley, her brother copper, and nephew Turk
Our brief attempt at a family photo - yes, her mouth is around my hand!
Riley and brother Copper
Riley and sister Lucy - they look so much alike!
Me & my baby girl <3
All tuckered out after the play date
Front to back - Riley, nephew Miles, sister Lucy and nephew Turk
Lucy and Riley (who decided to sit like a weirdo for some reason)
Riley watching nephew Miles check out the visitor
The 3 siblings: Copper, Lucy, and Riley! :)

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