March 29, 2012

Pointing at Birds

Reuben took Ri girl to the park this morning and much to her delight there were a lot of little birds in the grass. It looks like she had fun "showing" her dad where they were!


Do you see 'em dad??? They're RIGHT THERE!
I also took a picture of Riley upside down this morning. She has so much loose skin on her neck/chin! It's pretty funny-looking. :P

March 26, 2012

3 Stages of Vizsla Sleep

#1: Laying down with eyes wide open (also called the "denial" stage)

#2: Body is demanding sleep, eyes are determined to stay open (this can last anywhere from 5-10 min depending on what is going on around the pup)

#3: Passed out. This is usually accompanied by snoring, twitching, whimpering, and grunting. BEST. BREED. EVER. :)

March 21, 2012

Pretty Girl

My girl is so gorgeous! She was looking out the window at birds yesterday and I snapped this picture of her. I love how she is a very deep red color. <3

March 18, 2012

Riley & Penny - Briones Park 3/17

We are so lucky to live near one of Riley's siblings! She loves her sister Penny and they have a blast every time we get together. There is definitely a special sister bond between them. They play so rough with each other... lately we've heard resounding *THUMP* sounds as they spar. Our Briones hike was great because we met several cows and other dogs on the trail. We even practiced some off-leash heeling and recalls (thanks Ozkar!). I'm glad Riley has a sister who is also her BFF! <3

March 15, 2012

Puppy Social Club

We used to take Riley to something called "Puppy Social Club" every Saturday morning at a doggie daycare near us called Downtown Dogs. It was 45 minutes of play time with other puppies (healthy and vaccinated) for only $5.00. Riley learned how to interact with all different kinds of dogs from small and fluffy to big and buff! I highly recommend that you find some kind of puppy play time event near you for your Vizsla pup. It helped Riley to become the confident girl she is today! (Her first 2 social clubs she hid in the playhouse... but you would never know it by the way she is around dogs now!)

Here is a video of her playing with the other puppies at around 14-15 weeks of age:

March 13, 2012

Weekend with the Grandparents!

I went on a bachelorette party trip this weekend to Disneyland and Reuben went to a bachelor party, so our sweet Riley girl stayed with my mom and dad. She had several fun walks to the park (practicing her pointing at ducks) and played in their yard. I'm so glad we have a wonderful place to leave our baby while we are gone!

Recharging for another walk!

Mom says this is her favorite spot on the couch.

Watching the birds


Ah, this is the life.


Sitting pretty for a picture

More ducks!

March 7, 2012

"Velcro" Vizsla

There is a reason why Vizslas are called the "Velcro" dog! Reuben had his head on my lap and Riley decided she needed to have HER head on my lap as well. I love my hubby & my Riley girl! <3

Riley's Heel!

Well, it took weeks of work and an "easy walk" harness, but we've finally achieved a good heel with Riley. I was so proud this morning I took a Video while my mom walked with her. :D

March 5, 2012

Santa Teresa Vizsla/Beagle hike!

Riley and I met up with a friend and her adorable little beagle "Vinnie" yesterday for a hike at Santa Teresa Park. I was surprised to discover that this little guy had just as much energy as Riley! They were a perfect match for the hike and they had a blast chasing each other and exploring.

Vinnie's mom said he didn't come when called, but he would follow Riley back every time I called her, so he had a great time romping off-lead. We will definitely be meeting up for some more hikes!

I have a stick!

Go ahead and take the pic... I'll blink the moment you hit the button.

Wilderness explorers

You can't catch me!

Taking a break to chew on a stick

Posing for a group shot

Look! Water! We can drink it AND get nice and muddy for the car ride home.

Chase me, chase me!

Beautiful views up in the hills

Coming back to check in

March 3, 2012

Sleepy pup

2 walks + running in the backyard + playing in a creek + chasing/pointing pheasant feathers = one tired pup! :D

March 2, 2012

March 1, 2012

Sleeping pup

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." - Gene Hill