March 5, 2012

Santa Teresa Vizsla/Beagle hike!

Riley and I met up with a friend and her adorable little beagle "Vinnie" yesterday for a hike at Santa Teresa Park. I was surprised to discover that this little guy had just as much energy as Riley! They were a perfect match for the hike and they had a blast chasing each other and exploring.

Vinnie's mom said he didn't come when called, but he would follow Riley back every time I called her, so he had a great time romping off-lead. We will definitely be meeting up for some more hikes!

I have a stick!

Go ahead and take the pic... I'll blink the moment you hit the button.

Wilderness explorers

You can't catch me!

Taking a break to chew on a stick

Posing for a group shot

Look! Water! We can drink it AND get nice and muddy for the car ride home.

Chase me, chase me!

Beautiful views up in the hills

Coming back to check in

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