March 29, 2012

Pointing at Birds

Reuben took Ri girl to the park this morning and much to her delight there were a lot of little birds in the grass. It looks like she had fun "showing" her dad where they were!


Do you see 'em dad??? They're RIGHT THERE!
I also took a picture of Riley upside down this morning. She has so much loose skin on her neck/chin! It's pretty funny-looking. :P


  1. Too cute, I love watching Luna do this too. She is far too skilled at sight pointing and it shows when we actually go to hunt birds. But hey those are the birds she sees most often these days so i can't really blame her. I really gotta find a way to finish her field training this year... I mean I have game birds in my backyard practically. Do you plan to continue it with Ri?

  2. We're doing the "fun field" event this April with Ri at Hastings Island Hunt Preserve! I'm happy with just having her as a "pet", but I will be thrilled if she has some hunting potential. We'll see, I guess! :D If she does well, we will definitely be pursuing hunting.