October 29, 2012

First "Official" Quail Hunt!

Riley went on her first official quail hunt today! MagicandNucky joined us with his handsome pup and the two had a blast. We weren't sure if we would find anything, but the pups ended up flushing a large covey of quail and then finding several birds. I have never heard a covey of wild quail fly off like that & the sound of all those wings beating was amazing. Riley impressed me by locating and pointing out a quail about 10 ft up in a tree! That girl has such a good nose. She's been a little hesitant around shotguns in the past. No issues this time - tail was up and wagging the entire hunt & she went nuts every time she heard the birds fly off. No birds to bring home, although one was *just* nicked as it took off & the pups went crazy over the feathers on the ground.

Cooper waited in the car until we were done because I don't want to make him gun shy. When we returned to the car, he got to run around with his sister. Riley pointed a quail in a bush and even held her point while it flushed. I think she's learning!

We're excited for our next hunting trip!

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  1. Awesome! ps- I love that quote you have at the top of your blog!