December 17, 2012

Chasing Birds

We headed out to our favorite spot yesterday with the pups to "hunt" some quail. Riley made me a very proud mom! She found the biggest covey I've seen to-date. There must have been about 20-30 quail in the group. I had decided to get my camera out and ready to film a video once I heard some quail calling. Of course, Riley snuck up on the little buggers so fast they were completely silent the entire time we were approaching them, so I had my camera in my pocket as they broke cover and flew off. I'm adding a GoPro camera to my wish list!

It was a beautiful sight to see the quail flying off followed by both pups in hot pursuit. Cooper has honored Riley's points since the first day we brought him home and yesterday it was amazing to see Riley scent pointing where the quail must have been earlier that morning with Cooper holding a steady point right behind her, tail quivering in anticipation.

It makes my heart happy to see them running through the fields and bushes looking for birds. There is nothing better than seeing your pup doing what they were bred to do. This is where they belong - out in the wide open spaces. Hardened muscles propelling them forward toward their prey on the hunt. I'm just lucky they allow me to join them and be a part of it all.

I tried hunting on a whim and now I'm addicted. I'll be chasin' those birds 'til the day I die! :)

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