August 9, 2013

TPLO Recovery Week 10 - 100% Healed!

My "bionic" puppy ;)

Riley went in for her follow-up appointment yesterday at UC Davis. In the picture above you can see her x-rays from the day of the surgery (on the right) and her 10 week progress (on the left). The vet was shocked to see that she has healed so quickly. Her bone is 100% fused and she has been cleared to return to normal activities! He did recommend slowly easing her back into her normal routine over the next two weeks to prevent any muscle sprains. The vet was very impressed that we'd been walking her using a harness to build up her muscle in the leg and they could tell it was making a huge difference in her recovery. She was a total socialite, as usual, and all the vets and students just *had* to come say hi to her and pet her. Of course, she just soaked up the attention. :)

The results from this surgery are really the best we could have hoped for and I'm thrilled that she will be able to run and play again as she once did. I let her out this morning to have a quick romp in the yard with Cooper and they both came inside panting hard after only 5-10 minutes. Poor pups are so out of shape! We're going to take Riley on her first Sunol trip this weekend for a short hike and swim. She is going to be thrilled to get back in the water again.

Baby eyes <3

We're so happy to have our baby girl feeling 100%! It was worth every penny. :)

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