February 15, 2012

AKC puppy S.T.A.R.

I'm so proud of our little girl! She passed her AKC puppy S.T.A.R. test last night with flying colors. The trainer even told us she would excel in competitive obedience if we decided to go that route. We are considering it! For now, we have signed her up for the next round of beginner classes. She is technically ready to move to novice beginner, but we still need to work on her focus when she has other dogs distracting her. Plus, she is only 6 months (as of this coming Monday) and we've already advanced her a level when she was supposed to be in puppy classes. The trainer said that if we get part way through the classes and decide she's ready for the next level, we can switch at any time. Our next goal is the Canine Good Citizen test and we're hoping to pass in October when she will be a little over a year old. :D

Here is a picture of her last night after an exhausting day of hiking and obedience class!