February 20, 2012

Half Moon Bay - 2/20

Today is Riley's 6 month birthday! We went to Half Moon Bay and had an awesome walk down to the beach. There were lots of puppy-friendly dogs for her to play with and those who didn't like puppies very politely told her to leave them alone! She dug in the sand and found her 2nd sand crab. I was amazed to see her chase a water bird... she actually SWAM after it for at least 5 minutes before giving up. This is the first time she's really shown an interest in birds. She was pointing at birds the entire walk, but I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get a good picture. It was a wonderful day and she slept the entire drive home!
Posing for a stick!
"Do I have something on my face?"
I almost got a point here, but she started sniffing a leaf...
Pointing at blackbirds
2nd sand crab Riley has found... she dug so far, she actually hit water.

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  1. *sigh* wish i could go to place like that today to run mine since I'm off work.. you will have to enjoy it for me. Here is a reply to your earlier question about handling and rally stuff. I could not get the commenter to work but I think I figured it out.

    Take a look around for local kennel clubs, they may offer both handling classes (which is for show training) and or/ obedience/rally classes. I have not looked too much into the differences of OB and Rally but Rally is more directionally based, and they give you signs to follow around the course. Things like "left turn, right turn, down, sit stay, about turn, sit, halt". They are very open to you praising and encouraging and talking to your dog, whereas in AKC obedience that is limited if not restricted. You also have to eventually fetch a dowel over a jump in Obedience, whereas I am pretty sure there is no fetching in rally, at least in the beginning. Now I should really look more into it huh. For me I just like the idea of having markers to tell me what to do around the course, and that I can keep her attention with my voice some too as that helps keep my serious girl happy.

    I am sure if you can find a handling class, you could take it with your pup. It is great exposure for a dog to be around others moving in a ring, and strangers approaching to handle them. I think your pup is totally cute and you could totally enter her in some fun matches or something. I know for AKC run shows the dog must be intact, but I think there are other types of shows out there that would not require she was spayed. Google handling class for your area, that is what show classes are called, or they are called conformation classes.

    Also you may want to go to this blog post by a friend and ask her as she competes in APDT rally I think. http://www.donnaandthedogsblog.com/blogengine/post/Love-APDT-Rally-Please-Read-and-Share-This!.aspx
    Hope that helps!