February 20, 2012

Half Moon Bay - 2/20

Today is Riley's 6 month birthday! We went to Half Moon Bay and had an awesome walk down to the beach. There were lots of puppy-friendly dogs for her to play with and those who didn't like puppies very politely told her to leave them alone! She dug in the sand and found her 2nd sand crab. I was amazed to see her chase a water bird... she actually SWAM after it for at least 5 minutes before giving up. This is the first time she's really shown an interest in birds. She was pointing at birds the entire walk, but I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get a good picture. It was a wonderful day and she slept the entire drive home!
Posing for a stick!
"Do I have something on my face?"
I almost got a point here, but she started sniffing a leaf...
Pointing at blackbirds
2nd sand crab Riley has found... she dug so far, she actually hit water.