May 14, 2012

1st Walk/Swim in 3 Weeks

We took Riley a little ways down the Los Gatos Creek trail yesterday. She had so much fun smelling everything & finally being able to explore again. The leash stayed on until we arrived at the creek because she is in heat & we don't want to add any more Vizsla/pittie mixes to this world... lol! We were both shocked when she jumped in the creek several times after sticks. She finally got some water therapy for her leg! The poor baby tired so quickly, but we had to practically drag her away from the water. She spent the entire ride home with her nose pressed up against the window opening. I think she had a good weekend. :)

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  1. Sounds like she had a fun outing. We finally got to the river this weekend too. Both pups had a great time and came home feeling extra soft. Just curious what do you use for her in the house while she is in heat? I found the easiest was to buy the washable "fancy pants"/bloomers they sell at petco and just put light day pad liners in them and switch them out when needed. Throw them in the wash when the misses become too much, but it was the easiest way to cope with Luna when she was in heat inside. She didn't mind them at all either, they came off when she was in her crate but otherwise if she was inside they were on.

    You probably know of those bloomers already but thought I would mention it. That is probably another reason she got worn out, they don't usually have as much energy when in heat, and can often be a lot more restless, needy and moody.

    Hope life goes back to normal for you all soon, glad she is feeling better already though.