April 14, 2014

Knee Surgery #2

Well, just a few weeks ago the incision site on Riley's knee from her TPLO surgery swelled up and started oozing blood/pus. The vet had warned us this was a possible result of the plate/screws being left in her leg long-term, but we decided to take the risk and see what would happen. They have advised that we immediately have all the hardware removed. We're looking at another $1-2k in vet bills for her second surgery. I've lost track of the total at this point, but it's well over $6k. I never imagined she'd be undergoing 1 surgery, much less 2 in her first few years of life. Please take the time to research any place you send your pup. I can't stress this highly enough. I'm thankful I've been able to prevent several other people from making the mistake I did. If I can save just 1 other pup from going through what Riley has experienced, I will be happy. It's amazing how even after all these medical procedures she still loves the vets! She's such a wonderful pup and I'm lucky to have her. <3

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