May 6, 2014

Surgery & Doggie Disco at Zoom Room

Ever seen a pup so happy at the vet's office?
Well, I dropped off my sweet Riley at UC Davis yesterday to be operated on by some of the most knowledgeable vets in the country. We had to make a hard choice between our local vet (Adobe Animal Hospital) or UC Davis. Adobe quoted us a much lower price, but UC Davis is the "Stanford" of the animal hospital world and I want the best for my baby. <3

Enjoying the sunshine on the drive to UC Davis <3
 Riley was a little bit nervous about the drive at first, but she quickly settled down and fell asleep in my lap. She is such a cuddle bug!

Riley agility pup!
Recently, there was an unofficial Yelp event at our local dog training club - "Doggie Disco" at the Zoom Room in Campbell. They had a bunch of agility equipment, so I thought it would be fun to take Riley and see if she enjoyed it. (The infection in her knee didn't affect her mobility at all and she had lots of energy to burn.) She absolutely loved it! We had to raise up the jumps/hoop to the highest level and she cleared them with ease. I think we're going to try agility once she's recovered from her surgery.

Sitting pretty for the toy
I signed her up for an evaluation first to see where she's at in her training. We've already done several obedience classes and I've worked with her extensively at home. I'm excited to see how well she does. My dream is to complete her CGC certification and of course we will continue with hunting once she's healed completely. The vet thinks this will be about 4 weeks. I have my *fingers crossed* that this will be the last major medical procedure we need for her knee.

The definition of "velcro Vizsla"
 Please research trainers thoroughly before you take your dog and ESPECIALLY before you send your dog alone for training. This whole ordeal has cost me well over $6k at this point. I can only take comfort in knowing that I've prevented several others from making the same mistake I did. If I can save even 1 more dog from going through this, Riley has not suffered in vain.

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