June 24, 2014

Zoom Room Obedience 2 Class!

"Mom, you are SO embarrassing."

Riley is doing SO much better since her last surgery. She was a little stiff for a few weeks, but we've been giving her NaturVet Soft Chews, which contain glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and MSM. I've seen a big difference already in her gait and flexibility. My little girl is a trooper! She's got a massive scar on her knee to show how tough she is. ;)

I signed her up for classes at the Zoom Room in Campbell a few weeks before we realized she needed surgery to remove the infected plate/screws in her leg. Well, this past Saturday we went to our first class and she was a superstar! We worked on "watch me", "stay", "wait", "touch", and "heel". She did great at every command and only broke her stay on 2 occasions when another owner said "OKAY!" and clapped for their dog very loudly. She learned very quickly that she needed to pay attention to me and not the other owners.

"I know I'll get a treat if I sit still!"

We played a fun game where the instructor gave us each a stack of leis and had us put our pups in a sit/stay. The challenge was to see who could finish putting the leis around their dog's neck without them standing up. The prize was a doggie donut. Guess who won? :D Riley sat very still and patiently waited while I put on all the leis. She absolutely did not budge an inch. It only took us one try! Of course, I was a terrible mom and made her do a "wait" with the doggie donut on her nose for a cute picture. We had so much fun and are excited to go to our next class!

Goofy goober <3

Cooper is being a mischevious little brother, as usual! His new favorite thing is to get into the bathroom trash can and shred the contents. He's very quiet... we're learning to keep the bathroom doors closed and the trash cans emptied! :)

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