July 14, 2014

Obedience, Agility, and Emergency Stitches!

Good sit!
Obedience 3: Advanced obedience skills including extra control around distractions and beginning off-leash work. This class prepares your dog to take the Canine Good Citizen test.

The past few weeks have been eventful ones for my two pups! Riley was moved up to Obedience 3 after only two classes. The instructor said we were definitely read to prep for CGC! Her first Obedience 3 class went VERY well. She did a good job of focusing even when presented with distractions.

The video below shows her in a down-stay while I picked up toys and put them in a basket. She didn't budge the entire time, even when the dog on the other side stood up and grabbed a toy. Good girl!

I've also decided to try Agility with Riley now that her knee is completely healed from her 2nd surgery. We've been supplementing her Orijen 6-Fish Grain-Free Kibble with glucosamine supplements. She has almost 100% range of motion back in her bad knee with no limping and very minimal stiffness. I actually had someone say they couldn't tell she had knee surgery! I used to feed her a soft chew supplement from Petco, but I picked up a new brand at my vet called Synovi G4 Soft Chews. The vet highly recommended them and I'm happy we only have to give 1 chew per day compared with 4 chews a day from the Petco brand. This will cut our costs down from $40 a month to $17.50 a month! I have to thank our amazing vets at UC Davis for fixing her poor knee. We will be making a donation in Riley's name as soon as we have paid off all her medical bills. :)

My husband put together this awesome video of her second Agility class at Zoom Room. She is getting so much more confident and her tail wags like crazy the entire class! We're practicing the A-Frame, Pause Table, Tunnel, Weave, Jump, and Tire. She's in Agility 1, which is designed to get the pups comfortable around the equipment. Our trainer always moves the bar up on the jump because she loves to watch her gracefully glide over the top

In other sad news, Cooper cut his leg really badly on Saturday. I walked into our living room to find our couch covered in blood. Both pups were super happy and peppy bouncing around like nothing had happened, so we had to inspect them one at a time. Cooper let out a small squeal when Reuben grabbed his back left paw. I was very shocked to find a huge gash that was so deep it left muscle exposed. Needless to say, we immediately scooped him up and took him to the emergency vet. 3 hours and $400 later, we were on our way home with a loopy, stitched up pup.

Poor Coop <3
 The vet has given us strict instructions to keep him quiet with no jumping or running (haha!). The stitches are healing up nicely so far and the biggest challenge has been managing his energy. We need to make another Costco run for bully sticks. Riley's old ProCollar has come in handy once again! I highly recommend this if you have a pup with an upcoming surgery or even just a sore that they won't leave alone. It doesn't prevent extremely determined pups from licking, but it is a great deterrent and is so much more comfortable than a cone.

The amazing ProCollar!

I saved the worst for last... the *after* picture with stitches isn't too bad. I thought about taking a *before* picture, but it was a bit too gruesome.

 We're hoping for better luck the rest of this month! I'll post regular updates on Riley's CGC progress. My goal is to complete it within the next few months, but it's ultimately up to Riley! :)

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