July 15, 2014

Top 10 Vizsla Toys

I've decided to start a "Top 10" series for my favorite Vizsla things. Vizslas are so different from other dogs that it has taken me years to find the perfect toys, treats, training aids, etc. for my pups. Please feel free to comment if you have another toy suggestion!

#1 - Tuffy Toys

I had to search for AGES to find a stuffed toy that Riley couldn't destroy within minutes. I like to joke that stuffed toys typically last 1 minute for every $1 spent on the toy. Tuffy Toys are the only exception. They actually have a "toughness" scale that is very accurate. I try to stick with toys that are 7+ on the scale. My pups' favorite is their Tuffy the Stegosaurus. It's pretty entertaining to watch Vizslas chew on and play tug-o-war with a small dinosaur!

#2 - Kong Extreme

When Riley was younger, we purchased her a "puppy" Kong. About 3 days after we gave this to her, I noticed she was eating it. Yes, eating chunks out of her puppy kong. At 10 weeks old. I quickly tossed it and went hunting for something more durable. We tried the regular (red) Kongs with the same result. The Kong Extreme, however, has withstood the test of time! We've had one for 2 years now that looks brand new. It's really easy to keep clean (soap and warm water), plus you can stuff it with treats and even freeze food inside it for more of a challenge.

#3 - Chuckit

Let's face it. There comes a time when your puppy grows up and can easily outrun your farthest thrown ball. Vizslas hit this development point much quicker than most other dogs. Fun fact: the Vizsla is in the top 10 fastest dog breeds and can hit speeds of up to 40 mph. Thank goodness for the Chuckit! Side note: DO NOT use regular tennis balls with your Chuckit. Take the ball that comes with it and toss it in the trash. Tennis balls will wear down your pup's teeth and can cause major dental issues.

#4 Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball

 If you're looking for a ball to use *instead* of the tennis ball with your Chuckit, look no further! The Orbee-Tuff ball was highly recommended by our trainer. I was somewhat skeptical at first because it seems very soft and flimsy, but the way it is designed allows the ball to collapse when your pup bites on it and then pop right back out into its original shape. My two adore it and it also glows in the dark for easy spotting. The minty smell is an added bonus!

#5 - Skineeez Stuffing-Free Toys

Riley and Cooper both go absolutely nuts for these toys! I'll admit, it can be a bit freaky if you forgot that you gave your pup a toy that looks like a gutted animal and they come trotting up to you with paws and a fluffy tail hanging out of their mouth. Riley tends to destroy these fairly quickly, but plays tug-o-war with Cooper over the bits for months until they are too small. Then they get swept up and tossed. Skinneeez are relatively inexpensive, so I don't feel like my money has been wasted. The biggest plus for me is not having to deal with stuffing strewn all across my living room.

#6 - Kong Wobbler

When Riley was a baby puppy, the Kong Wobbler was a lifesaver. We used to fill it with a measured portion of kibble for each meal and she would work at it for at least 20-30 minutes to get her food out. You can also fill it with little bits of dry treats. The wobbler is weighted on the bottom half, so your pup has to push it back and forth to get the food/treats out. I highly recommend it, especially if you want to keep your Vizsla occupied.

#7 - Rope Toy

I know this seems simple, but sometimes simple is best. Riley and Cooper both love to play with their rope toys! You have to throw them away once they have un-knotted them, but I've never had mine get to that point. My favorite type are the ones that have some spearmint because it keeps their breath smelling nice.

#8 - Kyjen Fire Hose

The Kyjen Fire Hose is similar to a Tuffy Toy, but it has the additional benefit of floating! If you have a pup with a hard mouth, this is great to use as a bumper for practicing water retrieves. It's constructed from fire hose fabric, which means it's very durable and hard to destroy. I wouldn't recommend using it as a chew toy.

#9 - Kong Frisbee
 By now, you should know I'm a fan of Kong products! Our Kong Frisbee has lasted for years. It is not indestructible, but it is harder to destroy than other frisbees. The heavy weight makes it great for less than optimal weather conditions. Ours has a few small pieces missing out of the edges and it still works perfectly.

#10 - Orka Jack 

The Orka Jack has a strange name with an even stranger look. Why do my pups love it? Because of the bounce! It is completely unpredictable, unlike a ball. It bounces around randomly and Riley goes nuts chasing after it. This is NOT a chew toy. Let me make this very clear - if you are looking for a chew toy, do NOT purchase this toy. It is a fun toy for chasing and playing but will not hold up to strong chewers. Riley has torn small chunks out of this thing when we weren't paying attention. I still think it's a great toy with a lot of entertainment potential!

Well, there you have it! My Top 10 Vizsla toys. If you visit my personal Amazon store you can view all these items in one place. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for toys. We're always on the hunt for new and exciting play things!

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