August 26, 2014

Agility 2

Riley has moved up to Agility 2! Her favorite obstacles are the A-Frame and the Jumps. She's not a huge fan of the Tunnel, but after a few tries she ran through like a pro! Agility class has been an excellent confidence builder for Riley and has also built up her endurance. We used to finish class and she would nap for at least half an hour. We got home from class on Sunday and she immediately brought me a toy for a game of fetch. Crazy pup!

Reuben (my amazing hubby) made a video compilation of her last Agility 1 class and her second Agility 2 class so you can see the progression from the first video.

Also, I have more exciting news! I will be working part-time (weekends) at the Zoom Room in Campbell once I have completed training/shadowing. I've always loved working with pups and I'm looking forward to being part of an excellent center!

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