April 14, 2012

Fun Field Day - 4/14/12

Sunburn? Check.
Muddy clothes? Check.
Wet shoes? Check.
Exhausted Vizsla? Check.

Best experience I've had with my Riley to-date? CHECK!!!

Riley did much better than I expected.
She exploded into the field and found both birds very quickly. Her constantly wagging tail was a good sign that she was in Vizsla heaven. She was so excited about the birds that after the 2nd one flushed she launched herself off the ground and caught the bird in mid-air. I am proud of my baby girl & looking forward to continuing her training & possibly entering some actual competitions!

The 4hr, 224 mile round trip trek up to Hastings was worth it... I'm officially HOOKED! :D

Here are a few preview photos taken on my phone. I will post the rest soon after I load them off my camera.

Additional photos can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashleynr/


  1. It's just brilliant to see you out with Riley hunting birds. Isn't it thrilling to see their natural instinct kick in......usually without any prompting from us :)

  2. Love the blog post Ashley! Welcome to the addiction! Riley and Penny were a blast to watch. We're so glad we were able to meet all of you!