April 10, 2012

Recall Training

Does your V need to brush up on his/her recall skills?

1. Go find a nice, big field of grass at a park

2. Take someone else with you

3. Each person should stand about a hundred feet apart with treats

4. Call the dog back and forth and give out lots of treats

(If your dog has questionable recall, please do this with a 30ft long-lead attached to your dog's collar and let them drag it. Riley's recall is about 95% on a bad day, so we trust her off-leash.)

Reuben and I have been brushing up on Riley's recall skills, plus we throw in some extra commands to keep her interested. You can see Reuben having Riley do some sit-stays in the video. :)

1 comment:

  1. Luna used to do really well at this game... then she got smart to it, and started to give us attitude because she knew we were gonna send her back to the other person again. She hates rules of any kind lol, but that does not stop us from making sure she listens. A great variation to this is to play hide and seek. One person holds the dog, the other runs off and hides, then they holler when they are hidden. The person holding the dog releases the dog with a "go find them" and when they do they get a party thrown for them. Luna liked that version better, though she still got sick of it after a couple times. She is very hip to when we are trying to intentionally work her to wear her out lol.
    Great job with your girl