April 26, 2012


We're on day 3 of recovery & things finally seem to be improving little by little. Riley refused to eat kibble & then turned her nose up to wet canned TOTW, so I tried offering her raw Primal formula and she loooooved it! We are feeding her 5-6 full patties a day (highest recommended amount) and we are already seeing a huge increase in energy along with some good weight gain. She still won't put her foot down, but she is carrying the leg slightly lower. The knee is swollen, but the laceration seems to be healing perfectly. We are using cold/hot compresses on the knee all day. This morning we soaked the leg in warm Epsom salt water.  Our #1 concern is ligament/nerve damage, but we will have to wait for the swelling to go down before that can be determined. She did put her foot down for 2-3 steps outside on her potty break. We're just taking it one day at a time and looking forward to our future hikes! :)
Sleeping... she does this a lot lately.
"But, I want to be outside!!!"
Check up with the vet - healing well!
Workin' those baby eyes. <3

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