September 19, 2012

Dog Interaction - Ian Dunbar

DogStarDaily just uploaded this BRILLIANT video onto YouTube and it's very insightful regarding dog interactions, the affect of altering on these interactions, and how to prepare your puppy for success as an adult.

"In lots of cities and towns abroad there is often a culture where it's OK for dogs to roam around on their own unsupervised and unattended. Very often these dogs get along very well, often without the kind of loud and unsettling aggression problems that dogs have when they're on leash with their owners. One factor could be the extent to which many strays are intact, especially when it comes to the treatment and subsequent temperamental development of young male dogs. Also, groups of stray dogs usually include a variety of ages and breeds, which naturally teach puppies how to behave around older dogs. Finally, and possibly most important of all, these packs of strays don't have human owners around accidentally reinforcing and provoking antisocial behavior."

The most interesting point he made (in my opinion) was how altering a male puppy before the age of 1 year actually is detrimental for their social development because intact males won't discipline them the same way. It makes sense - if a male doesn't smell like a male, it won't be treated as such. And some people wonder why their males altered at an early age are so out-of-control. I do worry that Cooper will miss out on the kind of discipline he needs from intact males due to the fact that he was altered at a young age.

Ian Dunbar is having a seminar in Santa Clara November 9-11th! I am begging my hubby to let me go as an early Xmas present.

Development of Social Behavior & Treatment of Fearfulness, Reactivity & Aggression 

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