September 2, 2012

Point Pinole "Viz Wiz"

What a fun day we had! Riley romped and played with a group of very sweet, well-behaved Vizlas through grassy fields and bay waters. There were all ages from 5 month old pups to white-faced elders! We even had a special human pup visitor join us. Riley tried several times to persuade her to play, but the human adults really enjoyed carrying her around. We are looking forward to the next "Viz Wiz". :)

I haven't taken my nice camera out in a while for Vizsla pics, so I thought I'd bring it along on this trip. Here are just a few from the many pictures I took on the excursion:

On the drive to Point Pinole!

"Human puppy! Come play with me!" (Riley loves kids)

Romping in the grass

Bailey: "Give me that stick!"

Riley "I don't think so!"

Bailey: "Give it to me NOW!"

Riley: "NO!"

Bailey: "Haha! It's mine now!"

Riley: "Not for long!"

"It's all mine! Muahahahaha!"
"Dangit... not again!"

Toby: "Gimme that stick!"

Lily - Honorary Vizsla puppy

Lily and her puppy friend

Catch me if you can!

3-way stick tug

The two puppies - Bo and Louie

I *think* this is Fox

Brother and sister Baily and Chloe having fun!

"I'm a big dog too!"

Riley posing for a picture

Bo is such a handsome dude!

More stick games

The end! :)

For more pictures (yes, there are PLENTY more) please follow these links:

Flickr pictures of Point Pinole

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  1. Ashley, Great camera work. Really caught the enjoyment of the day.

    1. Thanks! I think I will take the camera with me more often. :D