March 13, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

Our big goofy goober turned 1 year old on Sunday (3/10)! We didn't have much of a chance to celebrate as I wasn't feeling well that day, but I cooked up a bunch of chicken sausages for him this morning that he seemed to enjoy. I can hardly believe we've had him for 6 months already! He's such an integral part of our family. :)

1st day home! Riley isn't too sure about this pup...

1st picture - sent to me by prior owner

Cuddle bug <3

Riley quickly learned that he made a good chair

Hiking adventure at Sunol

All legs!

Riley also uses him as a pillow

1st ride in "their" new car!

Hike at wildlife area

1st point!

Training with Reuben

Happy 1st birthday Cooper!