March 13, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Cooper!

Our big goofy goober turned 1 year old on Sunday (3/10)! We didn't have much of a chance to celebrate as I wasn't feeling well that day, but I cooked up a bunch of chicken sausages for him this morning that he seemed to enjoy. I can hardly believe we've had him for 6 months already! He's such an integral part of our family. :)

1st day home! Riley isn't too sure about this pup...

1st picture - sent to me by prior owner

Cuddle bug <3

Riley quickly learned that he made a good chair

Hiking adventure at Sunol

All legs!

Riley also uses him as a pillow

1st ride in "their" new car!

Hike at wildlife area

1st point!

Training with Reuben

Happy 1st birthday Cooper!


  1. Happy birthday Cooper. Hope we can get out hiking soon with just Chloe and Bailey. Take care of mom and dad.

  2. Happy birthday Cooper! Maybe you and Louie can celebrate together. He'll be one on the 21st.