March 25, 2013

Riley The Diving Wonder Pup!

We took a trip to Sunol yesterday morning intending to meet up with Louie for his 1st birthday celebration and ended up being 20 minutes late. The pups still had a blast, romping around through the grass, chasing birds, and swimming. We also have discovered that Riley loves to launch herself into the water for sticks! This is not something we trained her to do, she decided completely on her own that the fastest way to get the stick was by jumping into the water. She can jump so far, in fact, that sometimes she catches the stick as she lands in the water. I'm thinking maybe we can try dock diving for her? :) Her leg was really bothering her yesterday after the hike, so we'll be cutting the length of her hikes in half (sadly). Cooper was absolutely full of energy and could easily have gone for another hike. Maybe I can fashion some kind of sling that Reuben can carry Riley in once she's had enough... lol.

Anyway, here is a video of our amazing little dock diver!

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