April 5, 2013

Random Musings

Chester kisses for auntie <3

My youngest sister just left for culinary school, so her chihuhua pup Chester is missing her lots (as are we)! He is such a sweet little boy and he loves to give kisses!

Love those cute little Vizzie bottoms <3

I decided to go on a nice long walk with the pups for Easter and we had a blast. Riley's leg has really been bothering her even on the shortest of walks. I don't think we hardly walked over a mile and she was limping severely that evening. :(

Dancing pup!

Riley decided that Zumba looked like lots of fun, so she joined my mom! I was impressed with her dance moves.

"Mom! Can we take one of THESE toys home?!?"

We took a trip to the pet store to see what different types of collars/leads they had available to help us with Cooper's pulling. We've tried multiple different methods and nothing has worked. I finally decided to try the prong collar and OH EM GEE, it works! Cooper walks like a dream at a perfect heel and we hardly even need to correct him. Reuben's started running with him every day and it's been great for both of them. Reuben is losing weight and Cooper is much more laid-back. Of course, Riley stares out the window and cries until they come home. Poor girl. :(

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