April 10, 2013

Ear Infections & Cuddles

Poor Cooper had been shaking his ears and scratching at them for a few weeks, so I decided it was time to take him in to the vet. We'd been regularly cleaning brown gunk out of his ears and he started crying when we touched them. I realized that he must have an infection of some sort. Turns out he had a very bad yeast infection in both ears (it was worse in the right ear). $160 later and we have a tiny bottle of drops for his ears. They said dogs who have long ears that retain moisture have a tendency to get ear infections. Cooper's ears started bothering him right after a weekend of swimming! From now on, we are going to dry out his ears after he swims. I'm convinced this is what caused the infection.

I highly recommend Virbac Ear Cleaner for regular ear cleaning. It does a great job of cleaning out gunk and dries quickly.

If you're reading my blog, please be aware there is a reason why Vizslas are referred to as "velcro" dogs. They wan to be with you ALL the time. We have 2 couches in our house, but the pups choose the couch we are on every time... which can lead to some pretty hysterical cuddle arrangements...

When you run out of room, lay on the human!

Riley is the best work-from-home buddy!