April 19, 2013

Vizsla - A LONG TERM Commitment

I read this on the Vizsla facebook page today and it made me feel sick:

"Cedar is a seven year old owner surrender. He is being surrendered because he does not get along with other dogs and there is a new puppy in the home. Cedar is WONDEFRFUL with people- a total sweetie with no issues and has had training. He enjoys lots of time playing and cuddling with his family, daily runs, and sleeping in bed. Cedar likes playing in his fenced yard, so a fenced yard would be great. He is an active boy, so a family with older children would be fine, but he may be too much for young kids. He truly loves everyone, so take him home!! MUST be only dog."

I found it hard to believe that someone could do this to a Vizsla! A little more investigating and I found the owner's response to the situation:

"For those of you judging me without knowing the whole story, perhaps I can enlighten you. This dog came into my home at 10 mos. of age, and I have spent a lot of time working with him over the past 6 yrs. He won my heart almost immediately, and I will always be in love with him. Cedar is the most affectionate dog I have ever owned, and I love him to pieces. He will stay with me until I find a home good enough for him, and I will be very picky about who that is. The puppy is not here with me now, and will not come here until Cedar has found a new home. The puppy is with the breeder, and will stay there until I can have her. Cedar has always been reactive to other dogs. I was hoping I could work through this, and show him in obedience, rally, and agility. I now realize that that's not going to happen, so I have found a dog that I can compete with. You will never know how many tears I've shed over this decision. Perhaps you shouldn't judge people until you have the whole story..........."

The situation is appalling. I don't understand how you can own a Vizsla for 6 years and decide that you want to dump your family member for a new puppy. People reading this on facebook are all stunned and I'm frankly shocked that this idiot of a woman was brave enough to try and defend her actions. The whole situation has made me livid.

Here is the link to the facebook page and a picture of the sweet boy if you're interested:

Poor Cedar :(

I guess there are people in this world who see dogs as tools. Some hunt trainers see them as ladders to winning ribbons, looking good in front of their peers, and making more money from training. If you have to step on some dogs along the way (ruin their legs by inadequate supervision while with other dogs, etc.) it won't bother you because you're not doing it for the dogs, you're only doing it for your own self-centered interests. This woman doesn't care about her dog. She just wants a pup for the things she wants to pursue in life. What pisses me off the most is that her dog probably only has 6 years (tops) left of his own life. Would it KILL her to wait that long for a new puppy?

My Riley's leg is ruined by a bad trainer who couldn't care less about destroying some dogs along the way. As a result, I am left with a pup who can't do anything I planned to do with her. To me, it doesn't matter. I love the pup, not her abilities. I made a long-term commitment to love her no matter what happens. If you can't commit to a dog long-term, you have no business owning one.


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