June 19, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Vizsla Blogs

Riley & friends!

I love reading about other Vizslas online and I'm always on the lookout for other Vizsla blogs, so I thought it was about time to compile a list of my top 10 favorite Vizsla blogs that I frequent. I hope this saves you some time searching for some good ones yourself!

1. It's A Vizsla Thing - My go-to blog for fun stories, gorgeous pictures, and a constant source of humorous Vizsla antics!

2. Life with Louie - Cutest. Vizsla pup. EVER. His owners love taking him on off-leash adventures and they've visited some great spots in the Bay Area.

3. Life with Riley & Stella - How could I NOT love a blog with a pup who has the same name as my girl? :) This blog is about the adventures of a Vizsla named Stella and her Labrador pal, Riley. It has lots of beautiful pictures and great articles about dog training.

4. Red Bird Dog - Great posts on topics ranging from Bay Area parks (search "hidden treasure" to find lots of good spots) to hunting with your Vizsla. Blog author has two of the sweetest pups I've ever met and regularly goes on long walks/hikes with his redheads. He's always open to having well-behaved Vizslas to join him on walks!

5. Aussie Vizsla Diaries - Vizslas and their GSP sister living in the "land down under"! I love all the posts about training and hunting with your Vizsla the natural way. Blog author does not use any harsh training methods, only time, patience, and consistency!

6. The Good Dog Blog - Life with Bodi, Oliver, and the human they own. "...is there anything more beautiful then a Vizsla full of excitement, let off leash to just run and romp.  These are the moments where all four paws rarely are on the grass at the same time – spinning and jumping."

7. Vizsla Inspiration - Photos, photos, and more photos! Blog author does not write much, but if a picture truly is "worth a thousand words" you won't miss the text. :)

8. Denis's Diary of Destruction - Hilarious and adorable! Lots of pictures with funny captions.

9. Varazs Vizslas - A breeder/blogger who regularly updates with show results and pictures of her lovely pups and their offspring.

10. Fusion Vizslas - Blog with a myriad of different topics and beautifully laid out for easy perusing.

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