June 7, 2013

TPLO Surgery Recovery - Day 14

Happy girl waiting to get her stitches removed!
I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks since her surgery! This morning she had her stitches removed at Adobe Animal Hospital. She did so well and was very patient as the vet tech took them out. The incisions have all healed up beautifully. There is a large scar on her leg from where they opened it up to install the plate and screws. She's still my beautiful girl, no matter what! <3

Here is a video of her walking at 12 days... it's amazing how much she's using that leg now! :D

The vet noticed the fluid buildup under her TPLO sutures (called a "seroma"). We discussed the pros/cons of draining it and decided to wait and see if it would resolve on its own. Due to Riley's past history of major knee infection from the attack we're all very hesitant to introduce any kind of bacteria into her knee and this is always a possibility when you stick a needle into the surgery site. My husband has the fun task of keeping a hot pack on her today along with some gentle massage to see if we can coax the fluid out of her knee. We put a hot pack on it last night with some massage and this morning it was already looking better. I'm hopeful if we continue it will resolve itself!

Stitches are gone! Nice-sized scar & seroma
 Also, Riley FINALLY gets to have a bath today! Vizlsas are not supposed to have a bad odor, but with the mix of surgery smells + sweat + dirt + not being able to lick herself clean due to the ProCollar we have a very stinky dog on our hands! :) I think we'll give her a nice soak in an oatmeal bath with some epsom salts. The oatmeal soothes itchy skin, the milk is a nice moisturizer, and the epsom salts will help to further heal her knee and hopefully draw out some of the fluids in her seroma.

Here is my recipe:

1 cup oatmeal finely ground in a food processor
4 cups whole milk
1 cup epsom salts

Most people like to put the oatmeal in a sock or some other type of bag and run the water through the ground oats. I simply pour them in the water and let them soak for a bit before I put Riley in the bath. After about 30 minutes of soaking, I wash her lightly with a mild puppy shampoo. Yes, my pup is a little bit spoiled. ;)

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