June 14, 2013

TPLO Surgery Recovery - Week 3

My pretty Riley girl! <3
Today officially marks the 3 week point since Riley's TPLO knee surgery. We were very worried last week because she formed a pocket of fluid (called a "seroma") under her sutures. The vet was very hesitant to drain it due to the danger of introducing bacteria through a needle. We made the decision to wait and see if it would resolve itself. I've been taking pictures of the knee each day so I can track the progress of the seroma and it has already decreased in size by at least 1/2. I think it's safe to say we don't need to have it drained. :)

Seroma last week...

... & seroma this week - much smaller! :)
She is completely off the pain meds now, so she has been hesitating a bit to put her weight on the leg when she is standing still. When she walks around the yard, however, she forgets about the pain and uses the leg 100%. Riley is a tough little cookie!

Here is a video of her walking this week:

An editor from CountryLiving.com contacted me yesterday about writing a small section for a story she's doing on the best places in the country to visit with your dog. I was thrilled to tell her about my favorite park, Sunol Regional Wilderness. I can't wait to see the story! :)

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