August 9, 2012

Impact of Injury on Vizsla Stance

I never realized how much of an impact an injury could have on a dog's stance. Riley's knee injury has absolutely ruined the way she stands. I've tried many times to get good pictures of her standing since the accident, but I've given up now. Here are some pictures to show just how much an injury can affect the way a pup stands. I'm expecting her to have more leg issues down the road. If not with her left leg, with her right leg - it has to compensate for the reduced strength of her left knee. We are going to try saving up some money to take her back to UC Davis. I'm hoping that maybe they can improve things and maybe help her to stand normally again.

Before - notice the nice curvature to the left leg
After - the left leg is held very straight with little bend to the knee
From above - you can see how most of the weight is rested on the right leg
On tip-toe with her left foot and the right is turned outward


  1. Wishing you well with Riley's leg. How very lucky you are to be near enough to UCD. We use to live in Vacaville and were blessed by them taking our seriously ill cat as a project for the vet students- at a significant cost reduction. You may want to check to see if they could do the same for Riley. Living in Chile we certainly miss the convenience of good doctors with the tools needed for those special emergencies like retrieving 3 nylon bags of feathers with quills from our Natasha's stomach-- 2 days before she was to be shown. We did find one of the two doctors in the country with an endoscopy and all turned out well. Hoping the same for you.

    Donna Martinez, Ed.D.
    Santiago, Chile

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  2. I will definitely check and see if they would be willing to take her on as a project for the vet students. We've already spent a significant amount of money on her leg and it just doesn't seem to be fully functioning. They may have to do exploratory surgery to figure out what's wrong. I have a feeling there are some major internal issues that they can't see by x-ray. Thanks for the suggestion! :)