August 26, 2012

Kiva Beach Swim

Today we went to Kiva beach with the Ri girl. A beautiful spot in Lake Tahoe where your pup can run & play in the water. Riley swam for 1 hr after sticks & even took off into deeper waters after a small group of ducks! She met a male Queensland Heeler on the beach who shared his tennis ball with her & who she taught to swim. He tried to mount her (I found out he was also intact) and she quickly turned and gave him a swift correction! His owners were worried about him mating with her, but calmed down when I said she was not in heat & there was no way she would let him mount her. They smiled & said that was great - let her tell him off for it. It's so refreshing to meet other dog owners who not only have intact dogs, but trust another dog owner's advice! We went back to the cabin & fell asleep on the couch... a tired Vizsla is a good Vizsla! :)

Me, Bree, Chrissie and Riley in front of Lake Tahoe
Fetching her favorite stick of the day
The water was nice and shallow!
Posing with my beautiful girl <3
The water was so clear we could see her swimming
Happy family passed out on the couch after a day of fun
Chrissie, Bree, Reuben and Riley posing for a picture
Are we there yet?!?

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