August 20, 2012

Puppy mill on my beloved Vizsla forum - time for a break!

Recently a puppy mill owner started posting on my favorite forum EVER, so I am going to take a break from posting before I blow my top. This despicable man had over 100 animals on his property at one point and was actually put in jail for operating without a license. I am SO angry about this that I even refuse to post the name of said puppy mill on my blog for fear of directing more traffic to his site. I am getting so many daily views on my blog (thanks y'all!) that I've realized the places I link can really have a big impact.

Therefore, I will take this time to shamelessly promote Vizsla Rescue Haven in Northern California. I have personally met the lady who runs the rescue and she has an absolute heart of gold. If you're looking to add a new redhead to your family and would like to go with a rescue, please check out the website! :)

Riley & I have been relaxing for a while due to my hubby being in Marine Corps training in Hawaii for the past 2.5 weeks. He comes back tomorrow, though, so I guarantee there will be new adventures posted soon! Stay tuned for a blog about our upcoming vacation to South Lake Tahoe this weekend! I'll be sure to review all the best spots to take your crazy redhead. :D

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  1. You did get a little wound up. Sometimes a break is good for the soul. Social media can be frustrating. That is why I couldn't do Facebook.

    Hunt test this weekend at Hastings if you want to come out and watch.