August 5, 2012

Vizsla Personality

Unfortunately, I've had to remove the content that was previously in this blog post. Someone reported the content as a violation of copyright because it was copied and posted from another website (regardless of the fact that I clearly referenced the website at the bottom of the post). I sent an email to the author requesting permission to post the article here, but have changed my mind since then. If someone is going to report me for a violation without taking a few minutes to send me a personal message first then I want nothing to do with them and I will definitely not be promoting their website. It is, after all, designed to make money off book sales and not for the betterment of dog breeds.

I would post a link to the website here, but I don't want to provide the website with any more traffic.

Instead, I will link you to a blog post written by a friend about the Vizlsa:

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