May 15, 2013

Bad News :(

A friend & I took a day off from work today to make the 4 hour round trip to UC Davis for an orthopedic specialist to examine Riley's knee. I'll be brief. Her cruciate ligament in her knee is torn. I had suspected this was the case all along based on how she had been favoring the leg ever since she was attacked.

The resident AND faculty vet both agree it's a ligament tear & requires immediate surgery (they wanted me to schedule the surgery for next week, if possible.) They also recommended the TPLO method, which will cost around $4,500. The vet also says it would be best for her to have the metal plate/screws removed after 3-4 months of recovery to avoid the risk of infection, due to her past history, which is an additional $1,500.

We're relaxing at home with my sweet baby girl and trying to figure out how we're going to make this work. Today's appointment cost $600 (a small fraction of what we've already spent). Please send prayers and good thoughts our way. We could use them. 

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