May 13, 2013

Cache Creek Canyon Regional Park

Reuben did the "Run For Your Lives" zombie run on Saturday. I decided to take the pups with me to drop him off and see if I could find a spot nearby to go for a short hike. We discovered a beautiful park with a place for the pups to explore and swim.

Entrance to the upper side

 Cache Creek Canyon Regional Park (that's a mouthful!) is located about an hour northeast of Sacramento. It's a gorgeous park and has all kinds of wildlife, including ticks, so make sure to check yourself before you leave.

Posing for a picture by the creek

I was very excited to discover it was a short walk to the creek. Riley's leg has been really bad, but she looooves to swim and it's a great way to tire her out without hurting her leg. Both pups swam for about 45 minutes before we went on a VERY short hike to explore the area.

Cooper goes full derp

Riley with a little silly lip action

These guys move so quickly it's hard to get good pictures of them! Riley and Cooper both showed off their derpy sides and made faces for the camera.

Pointing at the deer - "Mom! It's over here!"

The deer came bursting out of the bushes to the left

I always doubted the pups would be any good at hunting fur (as opposed to feathers). Well, they found fur for me. A very big, furry doe! Riley kept going nuts around a large cluster of bushes and she locked up onto a point a few times, with Cooper honoring. I just told her she was silly and kept walking. She was so frustrated with me that she ran around the opposite side of the bushes and barged right in... flushing a deer out right in front of me! I was so shocked I didn't even think about taking a picture. The deer definitely wasn't scared of me and just kind of stood there staring at me before she leapt away and effortlessly cleared the barbed wire boundary fence. A few seconds later my hunter pups came running around the bush and started trying to track the deer. I had to recall them a few times before they gave up. My lesson from that day was to trust my pups' noses!

I discovered a new panoramic setting on my phone and took a couple of pictures to show just how gorgeous the park is. If you have a chance and are in the area I strongly recommend visiting the park.

One flag left!

Muddy and yucky, but he survived
Oh, and my hubby did great at the zombie race. He "survived" (didn't run out of flags) and earned a medal for his accomplishment! Cooper's been running with him during the cooler hours of the day and they're both in great shape now.

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